Loving this. Shad and DJ T.L.O. “Always Winnin’” Download (MP3)

Snorri Helgason, “I’m Gonna Put My Name On Your Door”

Bahamas, “Lost in the Light”

New blog post: “NBA Champions and Scoring Data: Further Reflections”

In the last post, I looked at a few statistical measures to get at just how exceptional the 2014 San Antonio Spurs were in relation to previous NBA champions, particularly in regards to their approach to scoring. By those measures, they had the least ‘top-heavy’ distribution of points of any NBA champion, and it wasn’t really very close.

Another way to look at scoring balance is to examine the…

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New blog post: “NBA Champions & Scoring Data: Some Initial Impressions about the 2014 Spurs”

One of my personal/professional goals for this summer has been to learn how to work with and visualize data. I want to know how to make beautiful data visualizations, and tell interesting stories with the use of data. To that end, I’ve started working through some self-directed reading, and signed up for a couple of open online courses. The first course I completed was Google’s Making Sense of…

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"We all agree there’s a biophysical limit about how much we can take out of the Earth. Our biggest problem is getting people to understand there are limits."
— Katherine Richardson, a University of Copenhagen biological oceanography professor: http://stories.weather.com/braingames

New Spotify Playlist at Steel’s Magnolias: “Cedar Dance Parties [First 50]”

Just about every morning, while mom pumps, makes breakfast, and goes jogging, Cedar and I use part of our time together to kick out the jams and have a proper dance party. Some stuff he loves, some stuff he merely tolerates, but we always get his booty moving. Currently his favorite move is moving quickly from standing to sitting while I extend his arms above his head. He laughs and laughs and…

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"He wants to go home."



idk, is it?

Anyone have a Shavertron subscription? I’d sure like to know.

  1. Camera: EPSON Perfection V600

Clem Snide, We Are Flowers.

Actual Wolf, “The Lucky One”. ‘I am the lucky one, / you are the dream’. For Laurel and young Cedar Wolves!

I loved these photos of mothers by Ken Heyman.


This post is the second in a series brought to you by Susan Barribeau and Oliver Bendorf. Catch up on Part One here.

In a move I’m cribbing from Derrida, let us not start at the beginning, nor with George Plimpton or Jayne Marek or Jerome Rothenberg or even Felix Pollak, but rather at the word…

Let Oliver Bendorf highlight some of the several small joys of the OED and it’s lovely illustrative quotations as he explains ‘little magazines’!